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Chris Dugan

In recent years, blockchain technology has gained a lot of attention and transformed various industries. Businesses are now tapping into blockchain technology for funding. Specifically, businesses are using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to manage their business systems, increase profits, and provide better customer experiences. NFTs offer several benefits for businesses, including the ability to reward investors and clients with specific rights or ownership written into smart contracts. BridgeDeck is a community-driven business solutions platform that uses NFTs to help traditional businesses and crypto projects achieve their goals. This article will delve deeper into the benefits of using NFTs for businesses and investors, the risks and rewards involved, security measures, and the requirements for BridgeDeck participation.

Benefits of Using NFTs for Businesses

Using NFTs for businesses offers numerous benefits. One significant advantage is the ability to manage business systems, increase profits, and give a better client experience. Raising capital is one of the most challenging aspects of funding a new business or cash flowing an existing business. Conventional methods, such as bank loans, venture capital, or angel investors, are expensive and often require the entrepreneur to give away a large percentage of their shareholding. NFTs provide a more viable way for businesses to raise capital, either for new products or expansion, without giving away control of their company or being indebted to banks.

Raising capital through the sale of NFTs is a game-changer, offering a faster, more sustainable way of increasing profits. NFTs also offer several options for businesses to reward their investors and clients. The business can use NFTs to provide clients with special offers or discounts, create a loyalty program, or benefit from a company’s revenue. The introduction of the NFT creates new opportunities for increasing profits.

NFT Investor Benefits

NFTs, combined with smart contracts, offer the owner and seller opportunities that aren't possible with conventional methods. For instance, the owner of the NFT could have a share in future product sales, discounts on products or services, trade/sell the NFT for profit. They could invest in the lifetime of a product or service, earn passive income, and have an asset with the potential for future growth.

NFTs grant specific rights or ownership written into the smart contract. NFTs allow for new ways of getting returns on your investment through discounts, rewards, passive income, and owning digital assets, while reducing the risk by sharing in the investment with others.

Risks and Rewards

BridgeDeck has developed a secure environment that brings together entrepreneurs and investors. BridgeDeck verifies each business or project who have campaigns on their platform, and obtain binding, legal documents holding them liable for their commitments. This provides investors with the assurance that they are putting their money in a company or startup that has been fully verified. BridgeDeck also has certain participation requirements for businesses and crypto projects that must be met before the can start a campaign on the platform. Furthermore, BridgeDeck creates and deploys smart contracts and provides multi-sig wallet services, which can only be accessed when both the business or project and have signed off for approval.


As with everything that BridgeDeck does, security is its top priority. Thanks to blockchain technology, NFTs are secure for the business owner as well as the investor. All transactions can be verified on the blockchain. Additionally, BridgeDeck has put procedures in place to help NFT holders feel more secure about purchasing an NFT in a product/project. For example, funds paid for an NFT are held until the campaign has reached its minimum threshold. If a campaign does not meet that threshold, a refund will be given to the holder of the NFT. Depending on the nature of the project, the business or project will have to meet milestones and show proof of work before they are granted a “Draw of Funds”. This protects the NFT owners’ investments, and if the milestones are not met, the remaining funds will be returned to the investors.

BridgeDeck Participation Requirements

To participate in this innovative business solution, businesses or individuals with campaigns on our platform must meet the following requirements:

  • Business Incorporation Documents
  • a. Business Officers/Partners
  • b. Residential address of officers
  • c. Breakdown of company ownership
  • d. Previous capital raises for the business
  • e. Federal EIN # (United States) or Government Issue Tax ID #
  • Business plan for Start-Up or new venture containing:
  • a. Describe type of Business
  • b. Where business will operate (Corporate Office Address)
  • c. Required milestones that will need to be met to receive funds
  • d. Company financial statements or financial forecasts
  • Background Checks
  • a. Required of CEO or Head of Organization Finance Officers
  • Signed contracts
  • Financial Audits – For NFT reward distribution

BridgeDeck offers a solid foundation for your NFT campaign. Their team has the technical knowledge and professional resources to help businesses create a pitch page on the BridgeDeck platform to market, mint, and release their NFTs. has developed BridgeDeck with the objective of bringing together entrepreneurs and investors in a secure environment. BridgeDeck is a new and innovative approach for startups and established businesses that wish to raise capital for new products, expansion, initial company funding, or bringing their business to the blockchain.

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