BridgeBlog's $30,000 Give Away!

Cover Image for's $30,000 Give Away! has just released a new give-away! This give-away will run until all the Foundation NFTs are sold out. For each NFT purchased, you will get one entry in the random draw for the give-away. Foundation Membership NFTs are $250 each, with no restrictions on the number of NFT held in your wallet. The more you own, the more chances you have to win!

Forty-three(43) winners will be chosen from all Foundation NFT holders, with a total of $30,000 in BUSD handed out!

Grand Prize is $10,000

Second Place is $5,000

Third Place is $2,500

10 winners of $500

30 winners of $250

And all this is on top of the many benefits you get by being a Foundation member! There is only a max supply of 3200 NFTs, so don't miss out on this great opportunity. Get your Foundation NFT at the following link,, and become a member today!

And join our communities here:

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