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Chris Dugan is a business solutions crypto company that aims to bridge the gap between the traditional world and the world of blockchain technology and crypto assets. The company has a team of experienced professionals who have previously been involved in several projects in the DeFi space and have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this market.

One of the main challenges in the crypto space is that many people are wary and overwhelmed by the prospect of entering this unknown world. They are also concerned about the volatility and the need to constantly watch the charts. To overcome this challenge, has developed a range of NFT-based products and services that make it easy for people and businesses to enter the crypto space and become familiar with blockchain technology. These products and services will be offered through their four platforms, BridgeDeck, BridgeGrow, BridgeGive, and BridgeProp.'s first range of NFTs, the Foundation NFTs, are for the company's Foundation Membership. The cost per NFT is $250.00. As a member of the Foundation, you'll immediately start enjoying the benefits of membership. You'll be among the first to know about new product launches, have early access to opportunities, you will be a part of an exclusive community of individuals who help shape the direction of projects on our platforms. Members of the Foundation will have their own channels on Telegram and Discord that give them exclusive access to interact, chat, and network with the BridgeDeFi team, clients, and other Foundation members in a secure and friendly environment.

Additionally, you'll gain access to SORTiD™ a powerful tool that helps you keep your personal and professional information organized and secure.

This is a limited time offer, with only 3200 spots available. There will be only this one minting of Foundation NFTs. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exciting journey.

BridgeDeFi will use the Foundation as a development and marketing resource. This focus group will provide insights and feedback on our projects, and those of our clients. BridgeDeFi has set aside 12% of its revenue to pay for these services.

If at some point BridgeDeFi decides to stop using the services of the Foundation as a focus group, they will refund the original cost of the Foundation NFT, and as a bonus for your services, they will calculate a 30% APR, compounded monthly, during the time they used the services of the Foundation Membership. This will not affect or negate the other benefits that the Foundation NFTs provide. And there will be new benefits added as they release their other platforms.

Investors will have access to's products and services, through their platforms by either making use of traditional payment methods (debit/credit card) or via the blockchain.

From the investor's point of view, investing in NFTs on their four different platforms allows for easy access to the crypto world and an opportunity to compile a sizable passive income.

For entrepreneurs, NFTs offer the advantage of starting their business or project without being hindered by the many restrictions that are so often imposed by traditional financial institutions. The power of NFTs also allows to create interesting, and valuable business-related products. is a company that is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing adoption of crypto and blockchain technology. With its innovative products and services, the company aims to make it easy for people and businesses to enter the crypto space and become familiar with blockchain technology. By offering NFT-based products, gives investors an opportunity to access the crypto world and entrepreneurs an opportunity to start their business or project in a secure, sustainable, and affordable manner. You can find out more information by joining their Telegram or Discord communities.

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